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                  首页 >> ISO13485 >> ISO13485咨询 >>福建医疗器械指令技术文件的内容


                  医疗器械指令技术文件的内容Content of Technical Files for Medical Devices(93/42/EEC 指令) (Directive 93/42/EEC)
                  1/ 认证资料IDENTIFICATON DATA
                  制造商名称和地址 Name and address of Manufacturer
                  公告机构名称和地址Name and address of Notify Body
                  证书形式Certificate Form
                  器械分类Device Classification
                  合格评定途径 Conformity assessment route
                  2/ 产品一般描述GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT
                  使用目的Intended use
                  化验或测试或功能原理Principle of the assay or test or function
                  产品/ 设备 / 成套工具内容Content of products / devices / kits
                  成套工具 /产品 /设备保存期限Shelf-life of the kit / product / device
                  产品 / 材料 / 试剂的储存和稳定性Storage and stability of the products / materials / reagents
                  化验 / 测试程序Assay / Testing procedure
                  测试结果合格的标准Criteria of acceptability of the test results
                  结果的计算和解释Calculation and interpretation of results
                  化验 / 测试性能 – 灵敏性, 特异性,再现性, 稳定性Assay / Test performances – sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility, stability
                  限制和副作用Limits and side effects
                  3/ 协调标准REGULATORY STANDARDS APPLIED
                  应用规范/标准清单List of the applied norms / standards
                  关于指令附录I 的核对清单Check list with respect to Annex I of Directive
                  4/ 危险分析RISK ANALYSIS
                  根据EN ISO 14971 医疗器械的风险管理的应用Application of the risk management to medical devices according to EN ISO 14971
                  5/ 临床评估CLINICAL EVALUATION
                  6/ 文件清单DOCUMENT LIST
                  标签图Labeling plan
                  包装及包装内使用物Package insert
                  产品技术表Technical sheet of product
                  材料安全性数据表Material Safety data sheet
                  7/ 项目说明PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                  产品历史History of the product
                  顾客投诉Complaints from customers
                  8/ 详细原料清单DETAILED RAW MATERIAL LIST
                  基本的原材料 / 试剂Strategic raw material / reagents
                  人体组织材料Material of human origin
                  材质信息和危险性材料Information on substances and dangerous materials 
                  9/ 产品说明书SPECIFICATIONS OD THE PRODUCT
                  10/ 与其他 MDD 指令的兼容性COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER MDD
                  11/ 评估结果EVALUATION RESULTS
                  电气安全, EMC, 生物化学性能, 毒性研究,生物适应性, 等等Electric safety, EMC, biochemical performances, toxicity studies, bio-compatibility, etc
                  12/ 稳定性数据STABILITY DATA
                  13/ 生产文件PRODUCTION DOCUMENTS
                  制造方法和程序标准Method of manufacture and procedures standards
                  生产过程确认Validation of the productive process
                  设备清单List of the equipments
                  程序维护和控制Program of maintenance and controls 
                  14/质量体系文件QUALITY SYSTEM DOCUMENTS
                  生产控制Control of production
                  产品维护Maintenance of the product
                  环境特征Characteristic of the environment
                  抽样文件Documentation and lot samples
                  15/ 符合声明DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY
                  制造商起草声明Draft prepared by manufacturer
                  16/ 公告机构同意宣告 DECLARATIOM OF AGREEMENT WITH NOTIFY BODY

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